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Snap! Crackle! Pop! Causes and cures for your dry, brittle locks!

The National Institute of Health defines dry hair as hair that is unable to maintain its normal shine and texture because it does not have enough moisture and oil.

Dryness is a problem that can plague everyone and it’s especially prevalent during the cold winter months. This month, we’re going to try to make dryness a thing of the past by discussing the causes of dryness, how to prevent it, and what to do once your hair is dry.

Causes of Dryness

Dry hair can either be caused by internal forces or by external (also called atmospheric) forces. Internal causes include malnutrition and under-active thyroid or parathyroid. In these cases, dryness can be resolved by treating the internal cause. A doctor is the best person to consult if you believe your hair is dry because of an internal problem.

External causes of dryness come from the environment, the hair care habits you have, and the products you are using. More specific examples include excessive washing, harsh soaps or chemicals and overexposure to heat or sunlight. Some external causes, such as salt water and dry air are seasonal. If you believe your hair is dry because of external forces, your stylist is the best person to talk to.

Next week, we will talk in depth about hair care and styling habits, and products that are good to use at home

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