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Snap! Crackle! Pop! Causes and cures for your dry, brittle locks! (Part 3)

Last week, we talked about ways to prevent dryness through good habits and at home products. This week, we detail the in-salon treatments we offer to for dry hair.

Treatments for dry hair

Once hair has become dry it is important to treat the dryness. Not only will it improve the health of the hair, but hair that is properly moisturized has more shine, less frizz, and feels softer than dry hair. At Will Charles Salon, we offer multiple types of treatments, each with their own benefits. The least intense of these is a masque deep conditioning treatment. We carry both Sebastian and Kerastase masques, in a variety of product lines. The masques we carry meet almost any need, from shine to repair and strength to volume. Additionally, Kerastase has just released a masque in their Elixir Ultime 24 carat hair care line. This masque includes the 4 oils of the Elixir Ultime, and can be combined with a few drops of any of the Elixir oils to create an extra indulgent masque. While the benefits from a masque conditioner last only about a week, all of our masques are available for retail, so you can continue to receive the benefits at home between your salon visits.

Kerastase Fusio- Dose treatments are slightly more intense than masque treatments. These fast acting treatments come with four different targeted problems, and each includes a booster that can be mixed and matched which allows us to treat more than one problem at the same time. These treatments last between 2 weeks and 10 washes, but are so quick that it’s easy to fit them into your schedule.

The most intense treatment we offer is the Inphenom: Superior Treatment Effect. Inphenom, which is a contraction of incredible and phenomenal, was originally created as a post color treatment, but it can be used on many types of hair. The five step service takes about 15 minutes to add moisture to the hair and seal it inside. The benefits last for one to two months, and can help prevent hair color from fading. This is a great option for red heads or for those transitioning to brunette after lightening their hair.

It may seem overwhelming, with so many different ways to prevent and treat dry hair. These are all general guidelines, so if you have questions about your own hair, your stylist is the best person to talk to. He or she can help you identify which good and bad habits you have, as well as which treatments you would benefit from most.

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