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Snap! Crackle! Pop! Causes and cures for your dry, brittle locks! (Part 2)

Last week we introduced the topic of dry hair by talking about what dry hair is and what its causes are. This week, specific solutions are offered in response to the causes of dryness.

How to prevent dryness in your hair

The easiest way to prevent dry hair is to develop good hair care habits. One of the most common bad habits I see is shampooing too often. Shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and remove product buildup from hair. While some people find they need to clean their scalp daily, the ends of hair do not need to be shampooed as often, and may need to be cleaned anywhere from every other day to once a week. Your stylist can help you to determine how often to wash the ends of your hair. On days when you need to wash your scalp, the best procedure is to keep shampoo close to the root and avoid pulling it through the ends of your hair. Conditioner should still be used on your ends every time you shampoo.

A great way to skip shampoos is to use a boar bristle brush every day from the scalp to the ends of your hair. This type of bristle helps to distribute natural oils down the hair strand. However, be aware that over brushing can stimulate the scalp and cause more oil production. To prevent this, swap your regular brush for a boar bristle brush and style as usual. A dry shampoo can be used to fight excess oil at the scalp as well.

Consider the way you style your hair. If you blow dry and use a hot iron as part of your daily routine, you run a high risk of having dry hair. Using a thermal protecting styling product, such as Kerastase Nectar Thermique, before applying heat is a great way to reduce the damage done by heat styling. Alternatively, try to reduce the amount of heat styling you are doing. Skip a wash every few days and let your style carry over an extra day. Also, use heat styling tools with adjustable temperature settings. The majority of hair doesn’t require 450 degrees to make it straight. Even better, take the time to learn more effective blow drying techniques. Generally, blow drying is gentler for the hair than using a flat iron or curling iron, so if you are able to get the result you want from the dryer alone, you will save your hair some damage.

Avoid environments that cause dryness. Sleep with hair in a bun or use a silk pillowcase to prevent friction at night. Wear a hat when skiing or sun bathing. Styling products with a UV filter, such as Sebastian Professional’s Halo Mist, are another great option for sun protection. Avid swimmers should take steps to protect their hair. One way of doing this is to wet hair with clean water and apply conditioner before going swimming in salt or chlorinated water. After swimming, always wash salt or chlorine out of your hair with shampoo, and don’t forget to condition well.

Lastly, strive to have healthy hair from the start. You are what you eat and your hair reflects that. Eating healthy fats found in food like avocado, salmon, and olive oil will help your body build more moisturized hair to begin with. If you find that you are still having problems with dryness, try Kerastase Initialiste. This is a brand new scalp and hair treatment that targets hair as it grows to make it thicker, stronger, and softer.

Use the right products

It is also important to make sure you are using the right products. If you are concerned about dryness, always check ingredients on the things you use. Some types of oil like olive and argan oils are good for the hair and promote moisture. So do conditioners like glycerin, shea butter, and sodium lactate. Don’t be afraid of alcohols; not all of them are bad. A good rule of thumb is that alcohols beginning with the letter ‘C’ or ‘S’ are moisturizing, such as cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol, whereas alcohols with ‘prop’ in the name are drying, such as isopropyl alcohol, and propanol. Other ingredients to avoid include mineral oil and petrolatum.

Next week, we will discuss the in-salon services we offer to treat dry hair

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