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Bonds have more fun! Extensions for every occasion

Whether you are looking to add length, volume, fullness, or color, extensions offer limitless possibilities for altering the look of your hair.

Extensions are an excellent option for bridal hair and other special occasion styling. There are several different types, but clip-ins are generally the most popular choice. Clip-in extensions are temporary and relatively cost-effective as they can be used over and over again. They can add volume and fullness to upstyling and add length for downstyling, and can be placed where needed (crown, nape, etc.) Here at Will Charles Salon, we offer clip-in extensions under the Hot Heads Tress Couture line, which come in a variety of lengths and colors. (by consultation only)

Utilizing extensions allows you to try a new look before committing with your natural hair. Clip-in bangs permit you to experiment with wearing a fringe, while skipping the grow-out phase if you don’t like them.

Extensions are also great for adding a splash of color. Current color trends include neon, pastels, and ombre. With the Pinterest phenomenon fueling popularity of these trends, it is important to understand that using extensions to achieve these looks is less damaging and takes less time than hair color. If you are considering a bold color choice, but are unsure of how it will look, extensions will enable you to take the color for a trial run before chemically altering your hair. This benefit is that it’s temporary and commitment free. So-Cap single protein-bond extensions and Snappies clip-ins from Hot Heads are available in a vast array of fashion colors and ombre styles.

If you are interested in learning more about extensions and what may suit your needs, ask your stylist for more information.

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